13. Oktober 2016

Commodore Diag 586220++ SX-64 fixed / Check64.

One Thought on “sx64-unpatched”

  1. I have downloaded “Diagnostic 586220plus v0.5 (SX-64 fixed)” fom Jani’s sit to test my SX-64 and it does not pass the user, serial and control port tests.
    If I unplug the serial dongle and leave the user port attached it will pass the user port. I know the serial port is good, because I can access an external floppy disk.
    I can also use joysticks so the control ports work.
    Is there still some bugs in the code or is there a different dongle?
    This version works great on my C64 with no errors.
    A friend has also tested it on several SX-64s and found a mix of errors.
    His comments:
    “Some computers will display ‘SX diagnostic’ and others ‘C64 diagnostic’. One pass
    will show both cassette and keyboard as bad and the next pass will
    show one or both as open. None will display a good user port but a
    few will show a good serial port and some a good ctrl port. U1 and
    U2 may show as good or bad but I know they are good.”

    I tried to send an email to Jani, but it can’t be delivered.




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