Monat: November 2016

VecFever – Vectrex Developer and Multi Gaming Cart

Posted on 18. November 2016  in Vectrex

VecFever – Vextrex Multi-Developer-Cart


– Original Cartridge size
– USB Connector & build in 16MB memory for fast copying new games/files to memory
Simple copying via drag&drop – Memory device like a USB Stick – No extra software or cables needed
– allows convenient access of files using a built-in file browser with full ASCII fonts,
automatic sorting of filenames etc.
– compressed binary support to reduce filesize
– no patches needed – all Vectrex cartridges work verbatim
– switching between menu and cartridge always possible via reset button !
No boring off/on switching for changing the game.
– includes a full version of ‘Robot Arena’, including storage of hiscore and options
– multiple extra features for VecFever-aware cartridges, e.g. permanent storage of up to
4K per cartridge, global calibration parameters for faster drawing capabilities and
a multi-bank extension allowing 4095 32k-banks per cartridge.
– customizable: the entire menu can be loaded from disk allowing updating or changing the
capabilities and look of the VecFever. It comes with three versions to choose from: the in-built
gamer menu, an ‘expert’ menu with a lot more options and a special ‘developer’ menu for even
more options geared towards developers including a
– ramdisk mode for developers to allow uploading and testing of up to 64k binaries immediately
on a Vectrex via USB
– hiscore saving option
the VecFever allows via one global option to convert known, ‘normal’ cartridges into VecFever
cartridges that include full hiscore tables with eight entries plus the entry and display
capability in-game. The goal always was to convert the games in a way that during normal gameplay
not a single cycle was changed, only after gameplay the ‘game over’ part was taken over and
a hiscore entry/display was added so that the scores are comparable to ‘normal’ carts.
The menu also allows displaying/managing and customizing these hiscore tables – and there is
not only one hiscore table per game, there are named hiscore tables for each gamemode and 1P/2P
games, too, if wanted.
Right now this option converts about 30+ games, most vintage ones and quite a few homebrews..